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iGaming is a generic industry designation that covers all forms of gambling on the Internet. The term iGaming is derived from the combination "Internet gaming", a synonymous term - online gambling.

Firstly, the concept of iGaming refers directly to online games for real money. For example, sports betting, casino, poker, slot machines, lotteries, sweepstakes, fantasy sports and bingo.

Secondly, the iGaming industry includes companies offering online gambling (bookmakers, poker platforms, casinos, lottery operators, etc.).

Thirdly, the iGaming sector includes firms that help gambling companies organize, streamline or improve the online betting process. We are talking about game and slot providers, software developers, odds providers, etc.

NuxGame is an innovative iGaming software provider providing a variety of gaming products, online casino platforms and other iGaming solutions to take your project to the top.

The company has been operating for a very long time and we have managed to become high-class professionals in the field of game and casino platform development, customer support, strategic marketing, consulting, partnerships and any other important elements that may be related to the iGaming field.

In addition to new software, we are ready to offer a wide range of marketing and consulting services for emerging iGaming companies. We look forward to signing new partnership contracts and expanding existing partnerships.



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